Technology and organizational change

In a recent article titled “Eight steps to achieve sticky change in your organization“, the author notes that the “success rate of change initiatives” (Tencer, 2015) has not changed much over the last two decades. From the author’s perspective, definition and focus are the most important factors needed to realize effective change. Definition is defined in this article as the “act of determining what success looks like at the end of the process” (Tencer, 2015). The author goes on to offer a number of steps to consider during organizational change. One thing that stood to me was the following statement:

Technology is changing our world every day, and it’s not going to slow down to let any of us off the ride. To equip your business for the New Year, adopt one more resolution: understand that change is the new status quo. Embrace it as a fundamental driver of your success. (Tencer, 2015)

With the above statement in mind, an important question to consider is how technology has positively and negatively influenced organizational change? Interestingly, the dominant view appears to be that increased technology will always lead to something better or some kind of progress. Put differently, the idea that advancements in technology are always good for us. I am reminded of a video called Look up that attempts to challenge this notion (within the context of social media). Going back to organizational change, while technology has improved certain aspects of work-life, it may also be worthwhile to critically evaluate how particular technological changes could lead to more harm than good within our specific organizations.


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