Where is our humanity?


“When the bosses were here, they stripped us of our dignity. For them, we were just numbers, we were disposable” (Juan Carlos). This quote comes from a film (The Women of Brukman) that was introduced to us in class a couple of days ago.  I am sure so many can relate to this statement. I know I can.

In a podcast I recently listened to titled “Taking care of one another“, The speakers argue that we will be unable to effectively address the world’s greatest challenges (i.e.social and environmental challenges) until we start caring for one another. I concur. Building on this, I too would argue that at the core of the Brukman clothing factory struggle, was a genuine care for one another. As can be seen in the video, the workers motivated each other, they took pride in their work, they had each other’s backs and ultimately brought back the humanity that had been missing in their previous day-to-day operations. I can only imagine how our world would be different if we all embraced the notion of care in our personal and professional lives.


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