The Press plan?

Professor Rao offers his views on how to “effectively” implement change within organizations:

Video source

P: Persuading

R: Recruiting support and overcoming resistance

E: Energizing new behaviour

S: Staffing

S: Sequencing

From watching this, I would say that his ideas are targeted towards managers or the change agents, specifically how they can push their agenda forward. It would be interesting to learn how effective this strategy has been. Rao (2015) also seems to suggest that resistance is not a good thing. Ford and colleagues however make a compelling argument:

By assuming that resistance is necessarily bad, change agents have missed its potential contributions of increasing the likelihood of successful implementation, helping build awareness and momentum for change […]. (Ford, Ford & D’Amelio, 2008,  p. 363)

This was a key takeaway for me this past week. The emergence of resistance could possibly be a blessing in disguise. It is therefore necessary to critically evaluate resistance and not blindly conclude that folks are simply trying to be difficult.


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