Lessons from Erin Brockovich

I was going through my class notes and realized that I forgot to jot this down here. Two key lessons from the movie Erin Brockovich that can help change agents effectively implement change are CARE and TRUST. Genuine care for people’s well-being (or lack thereof) can make or break change initiatives. It sounds so simple, but it ought not to be overlooked. From personal experience, when I feel that someone genuinely cares, when I feel that they are not being manipulative, I tend to give my all. In addition, trust is also a key component. Change recipients have to trust in their change agents as well as the actual idea (or change) that is being pushed. To add to this, trust can be built by being transparent from the get-go, encouraging dialogue, creating a safe-space, etc. As simple as these things may sound, trust and care is what helped Erin achieve her objectives, which were also in line with the communities objectives. They entrusted her with information because she genuinely cared for them as individuals.


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