Empowering communities through co-ops

A great video on building economic democracy through co-ops:

Key points from the video:

  • Empowerment through cross training, having a voice
  • You can’t start a worker co-op with the mindset that money will flow in immediately, there needs to be a greater vision
  • Not overlooking the idea of managerial talent (or competent managers)
  • Open and honest discussions
  • Building capacity to build both people and the business
  • Learning how to have democratic conversations
  • Reinvesting in the business and the community
  • Seeking technical assistance from those who may know more outside the organization (e.g. other co-ops, labour lawyers)
  • Learn from others. but figure out what works for your specific company
  • Co-ops can be businesses of scale (e.g. employing 50-100 or more people)

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