Changes within the public service

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CAMS, the dread of some government funded employment agencies. This software seemed to have popped out of no where. It was introduced at the agency I work for, and folks were expected to immediately jump on board. I find it really interesting that an institution (i.e. the government) that is meant to serve the people often simply dictates how things should be run. They claim to conduct consultations, but often times these consultations are done with senior management. Public service changes that are not transparent ought not to be overlooked from my standpoint. I find there is usually a little something shady about them. I am sorry if I sound to cynical, I just find it hard to trust the government nowadays.

Advocating for change: Unions in Canada

It dawned on me last night that there are so many benefits that we Canadians take for granted.  I had no idea that Canadians have maternity leave today because the postal workers went on strike for over 40 days in 1981 (if my memory serves me right). Some even went to prison for this. Incredible! Makes me wonder, when have governments ever made the initiative to look out for the public good?? Interestingly, all of the benefits that we have today (e.g. Employment Insurance) came out of working class struggles fighting for better conditions.

Leadership vs. Management

I found this video particularly inspiring. How I wish I would see more leaders and less managers. I have been blessed to have been influenced by some great leaders and it was then I realized the lived experience of the difference between leadership and management. I recall one particular supervisor I had that encouraged me to make a presentation to prospective clients. She believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. What an incredible growth experience this was. On a similar note, the guest speaker in class also left me with a lot to think about. “I fired my boss”. I liked that :).

This statement in the video resonated: “Did I help somebody today accomplish what they thought they couldn’t?” (Godin, 2013). I feel that Godin speaks to the tenets of servant leadership that I particularly favour. Certainly, in change processes I have found that leadership is pivotal to realizing effective change.

The difference between organizational learning and a learning organization

Organizational learning suggests emphasis on process: a sequence of activities in which an organization undertakes to learn whereas learning organization emphasizes unique structural characteristics of an organization that has the ability to learn” (source)

 Organizational learning

Organizational learning = learning in organizations

Learning Organization

The learning organization =  learning for organizations